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Hey all,

Found this site one night after having a panic attack and thought if i shared my story so people can help me get over this.

Im a 20 year old male, i've smoked almost everyday for nearly 2 years, im currently on day 14 of cold turkey and reality is starting to come back to me.

I've been experiencing anxiety, an almost pulsing in my head and generally feeling weird and paranoid. I was wondering how long peoples anxiety has lasted for after stopping as ive found recently ive been able to control it and calm myself down but still having regular attacks. Is the pulsing in my head normal? and what advice people would give to help get through it.


Thanks in advance 




I am a 27 year-old female; I used to smoke lots of weed, everyday, for many years, and it was great; it seemed to help with everything. About three years ago, anyway, out of nothing, I had a panic attack after smoking. I smoked again the next day, and had it again. I tried it yet a third time, not sure if it was the very next day again, and had the worst panic attack ever. Then it got obvious it was the weed that was causing the panic attacks and I realized I should stop smoking. In the beginning it wasn't easy, specially as I had made some drastic decisions in my life some weeks or months before that event, that hadn't turned out well; as a result I was doing nothing: I had stopped studying, I didn't have a job, I had a tumultuous long-distance relationship, well, everything was wrong with my life. Maybe the panic attacks were due to the general anxiety and, I don't know, "depression", I was experiencing, but the weed started triggering those attacks. So, the panic attacks got worse (I became afraid to leave the house and do anything, even when I was not stoned) and I really had to stop. In the beginning it sucked, cause I felt as though I had lost an "old friend", and I thought so many things wouldn't feel so great anymore. Well, I guess my story is different from yours, I don't know WHY you decided to stop, and if you attribute your panic attack to not smoking anymore? But anyway, try to evaluate your life, think this anxiety is temporary, and that weed is not REALLY an addictive drug, it's only psychologically addictive. And you can get psychologically addicted to virtually anything. So, whatever is your reason to stop, if you WANT to stop, that is enough. It takes a little time until you "forget" the weed, but you do, eventually, believe me. Try to get busy, get tired, exercise, think about the reasons why you want to stop smoking and take this moment as an opportunity to evaluate yourself and have a healthier, more positive life. Avoid being with your friends when they are smoking, at least in the beginning, if you feel you wouldn't resist. Tell your friends you want to stop and do things with them that don't involve smoking; I was seeing a therapist at the time I stopped smoking, and he helped me a lot, though I also started taking some anti-depressant that I think helped a lot too; but maybe my case was more "serious", the weed was just a part of it. Anyway, I'm all good now, time has passed, I don't smoke anymore, though I don't want to be an hypocrite and say everybody should stop; weed can be a great thing, but it can also confuse you, "delay" you and your achievements, make you hide somewhere inside yourself (wow). If things are good and you're happy and in good company, smoking enhances the moment; if something is not so good, weed could turn the slightest uncomfortable thought you have into a monster; maybe that's it; I don't know. I also don't know if I helped at all, but, hey, it's like, if I stopped, ANYBODY can. It's like I was a lost case (lol). I used to love smoking but now I love even more the fact that I'm free from going through all the trouble I had to just to smoke: meeting dealers, being paranoid of getting caught, spending so much money, feeling tired all the time, etc. Don't worry, you'll forget about smoking soon enough. It's normal feeling anxious about it, don't panic, be positive, be patient, it all will pass. If you have a very hard time coping with anxiety, though, try to see a therapist and talk about it; invest in yourself. Good luck and all the best!