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Hi guys,

I am a 30 year old female who has experienced 2 types of tonsillectomy surgery methods. 

Radio Frequency Coblation AND Cold knife (steel) dissection 

I've been on this site so many times and gained a lot of tips and reassurance before and after enduring my own tonsillectomies so I thought I would share my experience as well. Hope it helps!

like many of you on this forum, I have suffered with tonsilith/bad breath insecurities all of my life - I was tired of the constant gargling, waterpiks and injecting water through plastic syringes which lead me to do a lot of research, only to discover the best results were achieved only by removing the tonsils. 
So, 2 years ago I went under local anesthetic at my local ENT and had Radiofrequency ablation performed on both tonsils. Now this is an exert from wikipedia :

"Monopolar radiofrequency thermal ablation transfers radiofrequency energy to the tonsil tissue through probes inserted in the tonsil. The procedure can be performed in an office (outpatient) setting under light sedation or local anesthesia. After the treatment is performed, scarring occurs within the tonsil causing it to decrease in size over a period of several weeks. The treatment can be performed several times. The advantages of this technique are minimal discomfort, ease of operations, and immediate return to work or school. Tonsillar tissue remains after the procedure but is less prominent. This procedure is recommended for treating enlarged tonsils and not chronic or recurrent tonsillitis." 

I hear Radio frequency method is the most popular choice nowadays but you must understand that in some cases the tonsils will shrink into something smaller, but may not be completely gone. 
This was the case with my tonsils. The right side almost completely disappeared, but the left side - although was slightly smaller - remained regular size and intact. 6 months post op - I was once again haunted by chunks of tonsilith getting trapped in the crypts of my left tonsils which caused foul breath. After all of the extreme pain and torturous recovery.. you can only imagine how gutted I was. 

2 years later, I was finally able to find time off work and went to another ENT for advice and he suggested the Cold Knife dissection method on my left tonsil. The recent press gives this method a primitive image but the ENT assured me it is a safe method practiced for centuries with the least amount of surrounding tissue damage and that he will  guarantee the tonsilith will be gone once and for all. The only downside (from my perspective) was that it had to be carried out under general anesthesia and you needed to stay in hospital for 2 nights minimum (as they monitor any bleeding) so it felt like quite a big deal compared to the quick zap-zap of the coblation method. 

Knowing how insanely painful my last op was, I braced myself for the worst. Today I am on day 4 since the operation, and am VERY surprised with how little pain I am in compared to my  previous experience with coblation. 

here's a quick summary of the cold knife op this time

Day of surgery
- surgery took 30 mins while I'm completely knocked out 
- they removed a 2.5x2cm tonsil which was sent to the labs (pretty big right?!)
- woke up very groggy and dry throat but was in and out of sleep due to painkillers and anesthesia
- put on IV and had blood pressure measured every hour or so 
- was sleeping most of the night only to get up to pee

Day 2
- Still on IV
- pain in throat but quite bearable (possibly the painkillers helping here)
- I'm already eating cold jelly/luke warm congee for breakfast/lunch/dinner  
- back of the throat where tonsils were are whitish/darkish colored
- ear pain and swollen uvula makes it hard to swallow and breathe through mouth

Day 3
- ate stir fried mushrooms and warm congee for breakfast/lunch 
- dispatched home and on prescrived painkillers / antibiotics / difflam lozenges / difflam gargle
- had a makhani chicken curry! (no spice) with rice for dinner

Day 4 - TODAY
- kinda hurts first thing in the morning 
- drinking loads of water and vegetable soup and staying on top of meds
- I can eat soft food as long as it is chewed up properly and swallowed slowly.
- trying not to take too much pain medication - maybe only at night.

Of course it has helped that I only had 1 tonsil to remove - but I am basically functional as per normal and not writhing and keeling in torturous pain which was how I felt in the last operation. 
My last operation, I remember my throat felt like it had been branded with a red-hot burning piece of metal and my throat was constantly on fire! the pain was constant and unbearable and I swear I had tears in my eyes when swallowing or trying to do anything... not to mention the foul taste of the rotting scabs and flesh that lingered for weeks. It was pure TORTURE.

Now, it may be too early to mention, but so far I don't have any nasty tastes in my mouth and the scabs seem to be already sloughing off naturally (back of throat appears greenish but it is a very thin layer and patches of pink below already - unlike the caked on green rotting zombie flesh you get from coblation!!!) 

so there it is.. 

If I have a choice on which method to go through with ... COLD KNIFE (STEEL) DISSECTION method all the way.
the pain and recovery is not nearly as BAD as coblation (even though they say its minimum discomfort - this is coming from a person who has done both!) cost however may be higher due to hospital fees.. I guess, check your insurance and also I read a lot about possible bleeding complications - which I luckily didnt have.  
so obviously please make your own decisions and stay safe but this is my story :)

hope it helps! 
I'll update progress again in a few days 

oh yeah, one tip
if you don't have a humidifier - wear a facial mask (like those disposable surgeons mask) at all times 
especially when you sleep - its a bit annoying but definitely helps keep the throat moist and will help with the 
recovery process :)

good luck!