I thought I would post a short story for people because I saw so many horror stories. I was really hoping for the worst.

I am 27 years old. Since I was young I have had issues with tonsil stones. The first time I found one my family didn't know what it was and we freaked out. I didn't have much of a history of throat infections but as the years went by I developed very large crypts that inevidtably got stones in them. I went to the dentist at the beginning of the year and he noted on how large and swollen my tonsils were, especially the one with the larger crypt, he was even surprised I didn't have problems breathing/sleeping. A few months ago I kept getting these latent Non group A strep infections where my throat didn't feel bad but I'd have swollen lymph nodes and feel under the weather. I also noticed increasingly that even brushing my teeth I would have a strong gag reflex which was troubling. I've had a rough year this year health wise and my good insurance is running out so I decided to go to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist and see if he'd recommend them to be taken out. I didn't do a lot of research but it turns out my GP was good and recommended me to a very talented doctor in town who performs coblation surgeries. I stopped all my vitamins a couple weeks prior and my mom came out to take care of me.


When I woke up after the procedure I really didn't feel that much pain but I felt very uncomfortable from the aftereffects of the anesthesia. I am sensitive to some anti-nausea medicine so they had to give me a scop-patch instead of Zofran pills. I went home with one patch and Oxycodone liquid prescription. I used an ice pack on my throat this day and had ice chips. The first day I drank many bottles of coconut water with some honey mixed in for more calories and its healing properties. Coconut water or water with electrolytes is really important, so I'd suggest to get those instead of plain liquids.  The pain wasn't so bad maybe the first 5 days, however by the second day, despite having the scop-patch for nausea, at the end of the day I started throwing up and couldn't keep anything down (even water). I threw up 4 times at the end of the day. I was able to get more scop-patches and I put them on more frequently than the 3 days they're supposed to last because I was very afraid of throwing up and causing damage to my throat. I don't know how much it helped but I made sure to brush and gargle with baking soda to clear out any acid.

I was very good about liquids and keeping hydrated the first few days (probably the most crucial) but towards the end of the week (about 5-6 days in) it became very painful and I could only eat or drink in short periods of time. What really helped me is after eating to gargle with warm salt water. This helped keep the back of the throat more clean and free of bacteria and washed away any food particles that may have been irritating the throat. I would also keep cold packs on my throat after eating/drinking some which helped soothe the irritation. By this time I was having excess salivation and rather than swallowing it I would let it pool up and spit it out because swallowing was too painful.


The absolute worst was maybe the 7th or 8th day where I woke up in the middle of the night and took my pain medicine. I believe I was dehydrated and I was trying to cut back on the pain medicine too early. This was the time where the scabs were "coming off", but to note to everyone, I always thought the way it worked is that one day everything would just fall off, but for me I never felt or caught anything falling off, it's just that towards the very end (10+ days) the back of my throat was no longer as white.


This is my 10th day and I have gone one day without pain meds, just tylenol today. I also took of my scop-patch and I'm worried I may have some withdrawal from that, but oh well. I have been able to eat or drink anything I wanted today but some things work better than others - I noticed that as time went on I wanted more hot foods and liquids than cold, because those stung my throat. I think the worst is over! I would say this was not so bad because the pain wasn't constant for me - mostly when I had to drink or eat. Oh, as a side note - I kept reading that you'd lose about 10 pounds and was worried since I'm already close to underweight. It looks like I only lost 5 pounds if that, but I was really, really constipated from the pain meds and I'm not sure if that's making me heavier than I actually am.

The tips I would give everyone would be to get a humidifer, make sure the liquids you are drinking have electrolytes, have a cold pack for your throat, experiment with cold/hot foods/liquids to see what feels better, gargle with salt water and brush teeth often especially after eating. When I was at my worst and had to force myself to eat or drink, garging with warm salt water and placing a cold pack on my throat really helped the pain. Also take your pain meds on a schedule.

I still have some pain today but I no longer wait to swallow and have tried new foods - cold stuff still stings more. I'm a bit congested but in general I feel like my breathing is more clear and I haven't had problems with my gag reflex, and of course no tonsil stones! Yay!