I wanted to write this for any future adult tonsillectomy candidates. I was given the option of a tonsillectomy by an ENT. He said I should remove them but it was really up to me. I don't really get strep throat or anything but I thought I may help with tonsil stones and the occasional sore throat. I did a lot of research on the topic of tonsillectomies for adults and was almost completely scared away from doing it based on what people said about the pain ect. However, I went ahead and got the surgery 1 week ago and I want to describe my experience thus far. 

I had my tonsils removed via the coblation. When I woke up from the surgery, there was a little soreness in my throat, much like a minor sore throat from a cold. My ear was slightly tingly. I asked for a little more pain med through my IV and also some anti nausea med b/c i was feeling sorta queasy. Went home and slept till the morning although I got pretty nauseous just walking up the stairs in my house. The next couple of days my throat did hurt (just imagine a sore throat 5x). It's painful for sure but its not that bad considering you just had some minor organs ripped out. I was only about to east rice porridge and drink water for the first 4-5 days. After that I started eating pasta and it was still painful. Today is day 7 and I had a hamburger. I must admit that it does hurt to eat solid food still and the pain sorta lingers a little after you're done I'm guessing b/c it opens the scabs a little? 


Overall, if you are scared about removing your tonsils, don't be. It's painful but its really not that bad. You can handle it.  If you've ever had a tattoo, it's definitely more painful that the pain you get post-tonsillectomy. The pain post-tonsillectomy is more of a throbbing and dragged out pain over a longer period of time so it just sorta aches and bugs. Tattoo pain is relatively shorter, sharper, and more intense.