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I just had my tonsils out yesterday by the cold steel method no cauterization or stitches. these forums were very helpul to me befoer my surgery so i am hoping that i can help someone else out with my experience.

Day 1 (surgery): i arrived at the hospital at 7 am. received my IV after about 7:30 and only fluids were pushed through that. I did not see my surgeon until 9:00. The ansthesiologist (sp?) came in and put some ralxing stuff in my IV didn't really notice a difference. I went into surgery shortly after this. They put the gas mask on to put me out and i guess it took me a lot longer than other to fall asleep. what seemed like a short time after this I woke up in recovery crying. The pain was terrible (this was after being number before waking up). They put three different pain meds through my IV none helped ease the pain. The brought me back to post op and said I couldnt have more pain meds until I ate. I had already drank tons and tons of water because it was the only way i could swallow. i tried eating rasberry sherbert. this burned sooo bad so i couldnt eat that. they brought in vanilla ice cream which also burned but i was able to eat some of that. after eating they gave me liquid norco. my pain was at and 8 at this point and the norco didnt help at all. after about an hour of crying they finally put dilauded in my IV. instant relief within about 10 minutes my pain dropped down to about a 2. they allowed me to sleep for a while after this. Despite the liquid not working they prescribed me norco in pill form and it barely touches the pain for an hour. i took a dose about an hour after i got home. my pain was about a 4 when i took it. i was trying to stay on top of the pain. EPIC FAIL. within an hour my pain was up to an 8 and stayed that way. i started taking my pain meds every three hours instead of 4. i have drank a ton of gaterade, ate some beef and noodles and egg salad despite the pain. my doctor had asked me to eat french fries that night and surprisingly they went down  easier than the soft stuff but hurt like abolute hell. i was able to eat about 6 fries. i slept about an hour on and off which i feel is helpful to recovery. it was like my body new to get up every hour to drink as my throat never dried out. 

Day 2: i woke up at 3:00 am with my pain being about a 9. my pain was more towards my uvula when previosly it had been towards the back which made this harder to swallow. unlike most i discovered that room temperature feels best for me right now. i woke up witha nasty thick phlem in my mouth caused by the sugar i had had the day before so i am cutting that out. i decided to gargle with salt water. absolutely amazing. instant relief. i waited for my pain meds to kick in a little bit but they don't drop my pain by more than one notch for about an hour, so i knew i had a small window of opportunity to eat. i ate about 4 slices of honey ham rolled up and slightly warm. this went down surprisngly well. i have discovered that i can get dry stuff without a coating down better than really soft stuff. right now i am waiting for my drs office to open so i can request a different pain med. i know there is going to be pain but the scary part is that i am already in so much pain and it is supposed to get worse. 

I will update more as time goes on. my biggest fear is that my dr will refuse to give me something else i am thinking about asking for tramedol. anyone have any experience with this?

summary of tips:

1. garlge with salt water it really really helps.

2. swallow large amounts of water rather than small sips it makes it easier for me

3. if cold seems to burn try room temperature

4. avoud sugar if possible

5. try your hardest to eat solid food. it is going to suck but it strengthesn the throat muscles and you wont heal if you are malnourished.

6. hydration really is key. i am a mouth breather and my throat and mouth dont seem to dry while i sleep

7. rest, sleep as much as you can in 1 hr increments

8. i got a special app on my phone for pain meds. i am able to set it to go off every three hours.

If anyone has any suggestions on pain meds that have helped for you if norco doesnt please share.


okay to continue with day 2 i was able to get a second pain med. it didnt help but after i coughed up some phlegm my throat felt a lot better. later on day 2 i was able to eat green beans and pork steak. it went down super easy surpisingly but yes it did hurt. 

okay onto day 3: i woke up really sick from a slight overdose after dealing with this and waking up i have felt no pain until i tried to eat something tomato based. it is no 8:23 pm and i am still in a pain free bliss. i know it is probably short lived but i feel my recovery is going so well because despite how bad it sucks i am eating pretty normally and i think the salt water gargle helps tremendously. i think i am actually already scabbing.