I'm 34 years old man and had my tonsils taken out on monday(today is day 03). I stayed over night at hospital and brought back home yesterday. On first day, i vomited 5 times and did not eat at all. That night i feel very warm at the ward and could not sleep at all. I feel like i need pee and i go to toilet but i struggled to pee but pain was not too bad i only found difficult to swallo. On day second, morning at 6 am i asked for painkiller and i had brain flakes with milk for breakfast and lentil soup, tuna sandwich and custard pudding for lunch. I brought home about 2 pm on second days. They gave me medicines of 500mg soluble tablets of paracetamol(for fast effective pain relief), Difflam Spray( for the treatment of painful and sore mouth and throat conditions) and Dihydrocodeine Elixir BP 10 mg/5ml. But when i came home, i started to fell horrible pain, i took those medicines but it could not help for the pain i have. I could not sit and could not control the pain. I went to bed at 3am and woke up at 4am, 5am and finally leave the bed at 8am. Still terrible pain, i cried myself, tearsflow from my eyes. My wife looked at me and she cried too. I have been drinking ward water almost 6-8 pints a day but i head the post here and everyone says to drink ice water. I phoned the nurse and she said as long as you drink it does not matter cold or warm.
I asked myself a question how childern cope with such a disaster pain when their tonsils are taken out. A friend of my wife told that when her tonsil taken out, she found herself in recovery room with great pain and lookeyes around and saw that a child is eating crips just after his tonsil taken out. It is unbelievable, is not it? today is third day and i have terrible pain, can anyone suggest please shall i drink warm water or cold? i have ear nose and throat problem from last 8 years and doctor could not found anything. When i ate or drank cold and oily food it touch my tonsil and find very difficult to breath or swallo from mouth which is why Doctor finally decided to remove the tonsil which is very big. i knew now that it could have been removed years ago which is no need.