I am a 34 year old female in good health. About 8 months ago I had tonsillitis. Since then it kept recurring about every 30-45 days (6 infections total). My ENT advised me to have them removed after the 3rd one but I was scared to do the surgery, especially after reading some of the horror stories online. But I finally came to the conclusion that a week or two of pain would be better than being sick every month!!

For anyone having the same problem I want to share my experience, which was NOT BAD AT ALL. Of course everyone's tolerance for pain is different but here's MY story. I had the coblation tonsillectomy done on 4/29/16. I got a lot of good tips online beforehand. Such as sleeping sitting up for the first few nights, take pain meds on time, and most importantly DRINK A LOT OF WATER!!!!! You will hear this A LOT and it will definitely benefit you. Immediately after the surgery I woke up feeling very little pain. It was more of a slight discomfort when swallowing on my right side. Since the pain was so little the nurse did not give me any pain meds (Aside from what they give you before and during the surgery). I stayed for a few hours and the first chance they gave me I started sipping on ice cold water. Shortly after I had an Italian Ice pop. From there I just kept drinking ice water. I was discharged and went home. My doctor told me I might feel ok the first day since you're still under some anesthesia etc and the next day could be tough. I got my pain meds and went home. I used an ice pack on and off all day and took my meds. 

To make the story short my entire recovery was the same, very little pain (more of a discomfort when swallowing but that eased with the pain meds). To be honest the worst part was the side effects from the meds which can give you nausea, dizziness, vomiting and headache. I threw up twice on DAY 2 but it didn't hurt at all. By the 3rd day I cut the meds in half, this was sufficient and didn't cause all the side effects. 

I went to work a week after my surgery. Today is the 12th day and I'm still doing great. All the scabs fell off which by the way, I did not feel. I guess they just come off a little at a time.  I read a lot of stories of ppl who did well for a few days, then bad, then better etc. I didn't have that. I was VERY pleasantly surprised at my virtually painless and quick recovery. Which I have to admit I think is a result of many of the tips I read online. Here they are in a nutshell:

1. DRINK A LOT OF WATER AND GATORADE - I literally mean A LOT like every hour!! Especially at night!! (I heard mornings are the most painful from your throat drying.) I woke up every hour to sip on water for the first 3 nights. This keeps your throat moist and the scabs soft resulting in less pain. After that I would drink water all day but during the night only when I woke up, so keep a bottle by your bed 24/7. 

2. USE ICE PACKS ON YOUR THROAT AND NECK FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS - This will prevent or alleviate any swelling. (no swelling = less pain)

3. Take your meds on time...don't wait for the pain to hit you. You should try to eat soft foods (i.e. pasta) to have something solid in your stomach to prevent nausea etc. I was eating pasta on the first day. By day 3 I was eating soft solid foods, well chewed (fries, more pasta, bread, mashed potatoes etc)

4. Eat, drink lots of cold things (no dairy as this will increase mucus and make you very uncomfortable). This again helps numb your throat and prevent swelling.

5. Try to sleep in an upright position for the first few nights.

These are the most important things you can do. All the drinking and swallowing will save you in the long run.

Anyway that was my experience. I'm so glad I had it done and even happier that I had such a great recovery. I also credit my wonderful surgeon Dr. Selden in Coral Springs, FL. I have my post op appt. tomorrow and I'm feeling great! So good luck to anyone else who may have to go thru this. Wishing you a good recovery!!