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i have found that i have recently gain an itchy almost rash like infection on the inside of my foreskin and also white stuff under and on the tip of my penis please send me advise to remove it as it has made me very vulnerably and scared .


This may or may not be a big deal at all.

Ask your self are sexually active? If so then are you safe? If not, then it may be an STD? Which can only be confirmed by a healthcare professional. Got to a planned parenthood they will figure it out.

Another possibility is it may be a fungal infection that can occur in moist dirty areas of the body. Have you been washing your body/drying and cloths too? Try some fungal sprays it may just be a bad untreated case of JOCK ITCH... In which case it will go away in 1  - 2 days if treated

hope this helped