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It can be quite disconcerting to notice peeling skin on the scrotum, however, it is one of the most common places to develop such symptoms. The conditions in the area are dark, moist, there is less oxygen, all in this environment provides the ideal circumstances for certain micro-organisms to thrive.

This condition is commonly seen in athletes, who sweat a lot and have to wear a jockstrap for large amounts of time.

Fungal Infection

This is by far the most common cause of dryness, redness, and peeling of the scrotal skin. Yeast, or Candida Albicans, thrives in the above-mentioned environment, particularly in cases where personal hygiene has not been up to the mark.

This infection can also spread from the penis to the scrotum or the other way round and thus be associated with a burning sensation during urination, pain during urination, discharge from the penis and itching.

The treatment for this condition is relatively simple. Patients are advised to wear loose fitting underwear so that an adequate amount of air can pass into the area and practice good personal hygiene. A topical anti-fungal ointment may also be prescribed. These are also available over the counter to the public.

Sexual contact should be avoided until the condition has resolved, because even though this is not technically a sexually transmitted disease, the fungus can be transferred to a sexual partner.  

Contact Dermatitis

This is another common reason for developing a minor skin condition. The skin on the scrotum is quite sensitive and thus can get irritated from any leftover detergent that might be present in the underwear. The reaction to this kind of irritation is not always immediate, although it may be, and consists of inflammation causing redness and itching.

Some of the ingredients found in soaps or lotions that men use in the area could also be responsible for causing contact dermatitis. If the reaction in the scrotum has appeared soon after switching to a new kind of detergent or a soap then go back to whatever was being used earlier and that should resolve the issue.


People who suffer from eczema can also face flaking and peeling skin in the region of the scrotum. Eczema is different from contact dermatitis as it is often related to a genetic predisposition and does not respond to commonly used moisturizers.

It can affect any part of the body including that of the scrotum. Attacks of eczema are often precipitated by exposure to an allergen. Treatment includes the use of anti-allergy medication like antihistamines and avoiding repeated exposure to the allergens.

Topical Hydrocortisone ointments may also be prescribed to provide relief from the symptoms.


A scrotal rash is pretty common and not something to be worried about. If it happens repeatedly then a visit to the doctor is advisable to make sure that there is nothing more serious than a simple fungal infection.

Adhering to good personal hygiene habits and using dermatologically tested products will also go a long way in preventing this from happening again and again.

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