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I am now 7 weeks post op for epilepsy surgery. I am wondering if anyone has had this surgery and if so has experienced a feeling in their head that was not dizzy, but just not clear. Sort of like when you have a cold and you can't think straight.



Yes I did receive some major complications from my surgery. I had a tumour removed from my right frontal temporal lobe. I developed bi-polar illness. Unfortunately when I approached my surgeon ten days after my surgery about feeling depressed and having suicidal thoughts he brushed it off as post operative depression. That's when I had my first suiicide attempt. I had a second attempt a few months later. I was admitted to the psychiatric ward where they eventually diagnosed me with bi-polar illness. I was put on the medication Lithium. My symptoms subsided. I have been seeing a psychiatrist for the last 20 years trying to adjust my medications so that my psych meds and my epilepsy medication don't interfere with each other. I'm relatively stable now and am looking towards going back to work in the near future. The only symptom I struggle with is the mania. I have a hard time getting to sleep at night... my mind is so over-active. I luckily have come across a "herbal" medication called "5-HTP" that calms me down three hours after I take it at night. I sleep like a baby now and wake up so refreshed in the morning... usually without an alarm clock around 6:30 or 7:00 AM.