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I have been with my girl friend for about 3 years now, nothing in our relationship has come easy, now about a year ago she was dignosed with bi-polar type 2. she is on meds but they only seem to work half the time. she has tons of episodes an rarely seems to be happy.

now before she was put on bi-polar meds she was on anti depressants an they would work great for about a week or two an then she would fall again. and around that time during her finals she felt that she didnt love me any more. this was during her finals an at the same time living at home while trying to hold a part time job, it all seemed to be too much for her. but shortly after finals she said that she was wrong an she really did love me. our relationship got really good there for a while. then she lost her job from calling in sick too much

After that i had left, we moved in together an it was great up until i left my job to find something better but of course i couldnt find anything an ended up being forced to move back home, after that she took a week give or take, where she didnt say a word to me other then she wanted some space. after that our relationship started to pick up again.

now all this time her parents have been paying her bills an rent, but they never let her forget about it(they are just that type of person) but about a week ago they made her move back home, the last thing she ever wanted to do, an now finally yesterday she did it again, after a week of not talking i had to force it out of her an she tells me she doesnt think she loves me the same way as before.

now my question is seeing as how she has bi polar, could this all be the same thing over again? will she wake up one morning after everything has settled an feel for me like she used to? do people with bi polar normally have their emotions an feelings masked by stress and or episodes?

i should mention that since i left my job an had to move back home even though our relation ship was doing ok she was still withdrawn an gloomy mostly due to the fact that she didnt know what was going to happen with her living situation.

Also when we first met she had a very healthy sex drive, an that continued up til she started the meds for bipolar, now its like she doesnt have one at all, maybe once a month does she ever feel turned on an even then she isnt really into it(this was part of her grounds for us to maybe break up or take time apart) is this from her meds or a normal thing with bi polar?

*edit* i remembered this year when our relationship started to go down, even with its going up, it really started to take its fall when winter hit, an again it was really warm about a week ago an then suddenly fell into the 20s for the last week could that have an effect on her? i mean she was really happy doing good an then it got cold an she closed off, she hates the cold too


Well my girl friend is Bi-polar too and when its cold she seems more sad and angryer, but when it was summer she was very happy. I think the weather has something to do with her but im not sure. so maybe your girl friend is like that too. My friend's mother is a nurse and she says that some meds can make your sex drive close to gone and others can effect the way you think but it's diffrent in a lot of people she said.


I am a female with Bipolar. Not the same type as your girlfriend, but nonetheless. I came looking for answers for my boyfriend. it seems that all he wants to do is get high and says its because i drove him to it.
just remember that to women there are more important things than sex. and in order to want it, it starts in our heads. We need to feel loved and confident to want to do it. be patient with her. when she's manic or sad, just hold her. be good to her.
its hard dealing with this. I dont know how to feel most of the time and i'm usually angry and suspicious.
Fortunately my meds seem to be working but its only been a week and a half on them.
I suggest couples couseling, or communication builders. Maybe she feels she can't really describe what she's feeling. That's my problem. and again just be kind and loving. trust me i know it's hard. so hard. but try really communicating to her that you do care about her and that she is important.
as for her parents, they need to open their eyes and realize that because you cant see something, that doesn't make it less real. and bi polar is very much real, especially to the patient. and it is to your girlfriend. remind her that she is a grown woman and she can hold a job. help her find something she can do that she likes. Maybe just part time, but nothing extermely stressfull til she's ready.
my dr. told me mood stablizers work best for bipolars. anti depressants only encourage mania. which contrary to popular belief is not fun. it's anger and hate and irritablity.
be patient, learn what she feels, what she wants. Women are naturally more emotionally up-down compared to men. but bipolar makes it a whole lot worse.
try making goals together, little lists. small things. relationship books, or karma sutra if you're into that sort of thing. accomplishments are great ego matter how small.
and make her feel pretty. the most beautiful girl you've ever met. depression makes me very very insecure. if she mentions suicide, remind her how much she means to you.

remember: happy girlfriend=turned on girlfriends.

just be nice.

hope this helps.


hello i am also bi-polar they used 2 have me one 12 different meds. they didn't seem to work i am like the lady b for me wrote. we need to b told u love us a nuber amount of time in a day so we r reassured of the fact
we also lke she said we need 2 be huged and told we r pretty and glad u r in my life
try being bi-polar, manicdepressant,stress, anxiety,and add
my boyfriend has a hard time dealing with all the things i do and say
and the way i act. i may have lost him 4 ever bcause of my illnesses . we had a talk the other day and haven;t seenor heard from him since
not sure what 2 think mayb he need time 2 think. 2 c if he can handle the way i am.
i'm trying not 2 b 2 clingy grasping 4 the love i so desperatly need and want
so give her another chance just let her know how u feel. don't let it build up till u explode and things get said that u can't take back
just show and tell us how much u love us and r thankful 4 every thing we do 4 u that u r glad we r in ur life
thanks 4 reading


hi, i am a 20 year old lesbian with bipolar (manic) and i am dating an 18 year old "unsure" girl with bipolar manic as well. She has medication and i do not. In the last 6-9 months i have reduced my mood swings and self destructive behavior so drastically that it is crazy. i have a pretty stable mood because im no longer doped up on antidepressants,moodstabilizers, or amphetamines. my girlfriend on the other hand is on so many meds that she doesn't even know all of them. her parents are in charge of her meds (they dont know about our relationship). she only knows the meds that get her screwed up and she uses them. like she shoots up her vivance which is pure amphetamine salt. she doesnt take her bipolar meds regularly but she takes her speed n sleepin meds a lot. she is so manipulative and controlling. i have no friends and no life. i lose so much sleep because i drive 45 mins to see her in the middle of the night every nite. i tried to break up with her this morning after she told me that i had screwed up too many times when i had done nothing then she flipped out on me. until someone's emotional health is stable, they can not be in a relationship. period.

i wont take this treatment. im gonna go smoke.


Bipolar disorder was formerly called manic depression. It is a major affective disorder, or mood disorder, characterized by dramatic mood swings. Bipolar disorder is a serious condition, when mania causes sleeplessness, sometimes for days, along with hallucinations, psychosis, grandiose delusions, and/or paranoid rage.
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