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What is the recovery time? and what are side effects " memory, personality, emtions"?



I had Right Frontal lobe surgery in March 2008. The pain was minimal, but I had a aortic valve replacement(AVR) 1 week before and was on heavy pain meds. I was sent to cognitive rehab after 45 day in the hospital. I spent 42 days in rehab before being transferred to an Activities of daily living rehab. Spent another 25 days in this rehab. Advice: have a cognitive evaluation before the surgery, because your daughter will be under intense scrutiny through games, social gatherings, observed routines and cooperation. If she had eccentricities before surgery and doesn't socialize or enjoy playing games, she will be evaluated and graded on all of these skills, which may be in her file and used against her in the future. I was always prone to forget my keys,did not enjoy games before I was ill, had to read books in college three times before memorizing. I became a CEO at 35 yoa and was and am still very high functioning. The final evaluation blamed these attributes as caused by the surgery and its consequent cognitive impairment. I am starting a new company, performing all the analysis, hiring personnel, handling legal organizational tasks, etc. If right frontal lobe surgery had any affect, it made my left brain sharper. One thing that did result from this surgery was epilepsy. I am on Lamictel for seizures, after numerous other drugs which had too many side effects.
All of these medical isssues were the result of a bacterial infection which caused endocarditis and a brain bleed. I recovered from surgeries within a month. I had issues with taste and my affect was flat and I did not experience any joy or saddness for over 3 weeks. I suffered depression for over 1 year and was finally put on Lamictel, which controlled the seizures and elevated my mood. I was seriously depressed and suicidal frequently. It did not help that my wife divorced me after my surgery. Oh, did I mention I had a second aortic valve replacement in July 2008, due to the failure of the first AVR. Several serious life tragedies may have been the reason for my depression. In 2008, my father died, I had 3 surgeries, got divorced and didn't see my children for 4 months.
Your daughter needs to be prepared for these hospitalization and rehab possibilies. Please be your daughters advocate and don't accept everything the doctor says unless you fully understand the procedure and feel comfortable with the answers. You have all the rights to make decisions for your daughter and don't be bullied by doctors or nurses. Another recommendation is to utilize the care of a University hospital, which are cutting edge, less expensive and have on staff advocates.