Canadian company made a new product, a chocolate that can actually lower cholesterol and blood sugar in human body. Now, all the chocolate lovers can enjoy the taste of chocolate without a fear that it will cause damage to their body.

New chocolate contains CM-X, an ingredient that is a combination of cinnamon and bitter melon which has be scientifically proven that can lower blood sugar and high cholesterol and is especially beneficial for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes since it contains no sugar. So, on one side you satisfy your hunger for chocolate and on the other you keep your body healthy.

It is also clinically proven that this ingredient acts as an anti – inflammatory and anti – oxidant.

Chocolate bar has 180 calories which should satisfy daily need for chocolate. Researchers say that this ingredient has more advantage than raw cinnamon and other products that contain cinnamon because it contains 30 times the concentration of crucial ingredients.

There are many doubts about this product, especially for it’s anti – oxidant properties but researchers claim that they created a delicious and healthy chocolate that helps in treatment of diabetes, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions by adding highly concentrated extracts of cinnamon and bitter melon.