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Hello girls,

can you tell me is sugar buster diet the best sugar -free diet that exists? I must say that when I heard about this diet for the first time, I was thinking that I can eat only sugar products. Well, not only, but mostly of sugar products :) I was so wrong, but I think that I am not the only one. Now, I realized that what I can eat, and what is unacceptable according to this plan. And, I know that I can eat some sugar products, but healthy ones :)

So, is this diet really worth of trying? Could it be the best to get rid of all sugar from your body?

Let me know your opinion.

Thank you, take care. 


Hello there,

personally, I do think that this is the best sugar - free diet. Think about it, you will never find a diet similar to this. Ok, you can't eat sweet products, and that is amazing if you can handle with it. If you can't, eat honey and fruits, but be careful with it as well. Remember that the less is more :) It always was. I think that you can eat some ice cream, that is prepared on healthy way. Maybe you can find sugar buster ice cream recipe on the internet. I think that you are going to like it, I don't see why you would not like it. We love ice cream, right?

Tell me if you found it.




Hey there,

well, as you could read before on this website, I think this is not a sugar - free diet. This is a low sugar way of eating. So, as you can see, you can eat sugar, but very little. So, you should avoid sugars as much as possible. You can eat honey, corn syrup, but you have to be careful. Don't exaggerate with it, you will see only negative progress. 

So, eat fresh foods each day, such as eggs, fish, meats, whole grains, healthy fats and fruits. Also, try to add low - carb vegetables to every meal you eat, even in breakfast. 

Eat no sugar jams.

Try to avoid a lot of sugar as much as you can.

Good luck



What's up?

Well, I did’t know that. I really was thinking that this is totally sugar - free diet. I know this is a low carb diet as well, but I did not have an idea that I can eat some sugar products. Basically, we can find sugar in almost every type of fruit, and sometimes, that is just fine for me. It is enough for me to eat two oranges, for example, and I will OK.

But, sometimes, I think that I can eat whole chocolate :/ and I know I can't.

So, is there any recipe with chocolate in it, that is almost sugar - free, that we can eat?  




"Cut sugar to trim fat" - this is the main in this diet. This sentence should be your diet leader if you want to follow sugar busters :) So, i would not agree with you at some points. These are healthy sugar in fruit and they are allowed. Other, you need to avoid. According to the authors of this diet, you should avoid all sweet foods and drinks that contains sugar, because they can be really bad for your metabolism. This diet also claims to lower you cholesterol, and it will help you avoid some health problems.

So, basically, I think this is the best sugar - free diet as we know :) 




the truth is that many people really don't have a clue what are sugar - free diets and how to follow it :) I mean, they know some things, but not some main facts about it. OK, most people will tell you that this program is really hard, and other will tell you that is not so hard :) You need to know that the first few days are the worst. 

What you need to know about this diet is that you don't have to cut all sugar from your meals, because that is impossible, especially if you eat fruit :) You need to try to avoid unhealthy sugars, and of course try not to eat a lot of groceries that have a sugar in it.




Could not agree with you more :) It is hard, but not that hard. So, if you are willing to try it, do it. Don't hesitate. Remember that some sugars are really unhealthy. If you can drink tea or coffee without putting sugar in it, that it cool! If you can't, then use natural sweetener, such as stevia. It is totally natural and it is the best. Brown sugar is not that healthy, because in the markets I think that what they are selling to us is not a healthy, brown sugar. 

Remember, this is the best sugar - free diets you can follow at this moment.

Try it!