New technique was developed and it can separate and analyze all proteins from human saliva other than just soluble ones. This technique may disclose protein markers for oral cancer and other disorders in the oral cavity. Some previous researchers already determined that large number of proteins that could be used to screen for disease particularly oral diseases but these studies were based on the small subset of free-floating saliva proteins. Oral cells contain more proteins and analysis of these proteins will be made by this new technique.

During the research experts examined saliva samples from some oral cancer patients and identified over one thousand human proteins including those associated with cancer. They also separated out proteins from more than 30 different bacteria many of which have not been previously found in saliva and several that may have possible cancer links. Study noted that the mortality rate for oral cancer has not much declined over the past 30 years and this technique can help to identify human and bacterial proteins in saliva and find new markers for oral cancer progression.