New research came to interesting finding that simple blood test can be used to detect lung cancer. Blood test is supposed to measure four markers in blood: CEA, RBP, SCC and AAT.

Research included 200 people. One hundred of them were previously diagnosed with this severe disease and the others represented control group. Important thing is that this 4 markers must be measured at the same time because although all 4 of them are related to lung cancer none of them represents diagnostic value if it’s measured separately. Blood test is about 80% accurate in diagnosing lung cancer if these 4 markers are analyzed in combination.

Scientists agree that more research is needed in order to complete this study but they also say if this findings are proven to be accurate they can replace other more invasive tests that are currently used to diagnose lung cancer such as CT scans. Ct scans are found to have very high false positive rate in diagnosing lung cancer. That leads to several follow – up diagnostic measurements such as biopsy which has a risk of it’s own and represents very invasive procedure.

Researchers say that this study could be the first step in finding that a simple blood test could determine weather more invasive testing are necessary or not in order to diagnose lung cancer.