Recent study informed public that woman who were treated of pre - cancerous lesions have a risk of developing invasive cancer even 25 years after treatment. Experts advise cytological smears should be offered at regular intervals for 25 years after woman had severe dysplasia/Carcinoma in situ (CIS). Carcinoma in situ is not a cancer but some of it cells look cancerous and they are superficially in the muscoa and not in any other tissue.

Researchers say that many woman developed cervical cancer more than one year after the CIS was diagnosed. Also, a significant number of women developed vaginal cancer too. This study claims that women diagnosed with CIS are twice more likely to develop cancer then other women. Also, they found that the risk of the cancer is higher if a woman was over 50 in the time she was diagnosed with CIS

Experts concluded that follow up care is of great importance and that it should not stop for the women aged over 60 if they were about 40 years old when diagnosed with CIS.