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I was recently diagnosed with carcinoma in situ with severe displasia. My doctor told me that the only way to get rid of the cancerous tissue is to do a conization procedure. I want to know what are the complications after this procedure and will I be able to have children again?


There are different conization procedures: cold-knife conization, LEEP (electrosurgical loop) or laser. All of the procedures have pros and cons. For example, cold-knife causes more bleeding but it is very good for taking specimens. Laser is pretty expensive and may not give good specimens as the energy could destroy the margins. LEEP is most commonly done. There is also some minor bleeding (spotting) for a few weeks after the procedure, it is a quick procedure done on the outpatient basis and good specimens can be taken.

Complications with LEEP are minor. There are some risks associated with future pregnancies. The most common one is having preterm delivery after the week 34. Birth before the week 34 do not usually occur. Having LEEP and its benefits of getting rid of the dysplasia certainly outweigh the possible risk of having premature deliveries in the future.
If you do get pregnant after the LEEP, you should report this to your doctor (if it is not the same who performed LEEP) and you will be probably monitored during your pregnancy.
I hope everything turns out well. Good luck!