First off Hi all!

Recently got back into running properly after a 4 year gap and have unsurprisingly discovered I have turned into a tub of lard. Anyhow I was hoping some of the fitter/better/best looking/fastest/sexiest etc runners on here might be able to help with suggestions for the amount of time/training schedule I need to use to cut a 12.35min 2.4km to under a 11 minutes.

My personal stats are that i am 23, 6.1, weigh 84kg and tend to do alot of weights but less so on the cardio for the last couple of years.

Anyway onto the question; is a month enough time to cut my time down? I was thinking of running 3 times a week, with 2 days swimming, and 2 rest days. I was thinking of running 3-5km on monday, swim for 30mins/45 mins on tuesday, 2.4km run/interval training wednesday, thursday off, friday 3-5km run, saturday swim, sunday off (probably walk/play football on off days). Is this enough or do i need to up the pace?

Anyhelp would be much appreciated!