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hi, i found this site off google. and it seems like a good informative site with nice people and experienced runners. so i was woundering if some one here could help me out with my running.

i recently joined the marines and i have 7months to prepare for bootcamp.
Right now my biggest weakness is my running and i'm trying to improve it. Currently im running 1.5miles in 15minutes, which is really bad.

Heres some info about me and my routine critique as you please.

5'6 160lbs
i have been weight training for about a year. And i have a good amount of muscle on me and i plan on gaining more muscle or maybe maintaining my current weight. im worried though, would packing on more muscle be counter productive to running ? oxygen issue ?

Right now i've been doing some interval running like 2minutes walk then 2minutes run, etc for about 20-30minutes each session. Sometimes i'll just stay at 1 speed and run for as long as possible. I also do this along with a weight training schedule

Mon am-cardio pm-chest
Tue Rest
Wed am-cardio pm-back/bicep
Thur am-cardio pm-shoulders/tricep
Fri Rest
Sat marine training
Sun Legs

i also do running on saturday for marine training, so i'm running about 4 times a week. Is this enough ? can someone help me formulate a proper running routine, i'm just lost when it comes to running :\


I can't give a good training routine other than to try programs like at coolrunning or halhigdon Others can give better program advice.

What I can say is that if you want to improve your time for 1.5 mile, you need to be running longer. 3-4 miles at a time, that way you'll build endurance and as you do that you'll start to build speed.

So, my suggestion would be to start to go longer. If you can do 1.5, you can do 2 miles at a time. So, start running two miles and throw in a three miler in once a week for the first two weeks. You'll notice that your two mile runs will start to get easier. Maybe then increase one of your two miles into a 2.5 and have your 3 be 3.5 and slowly work your way up.

Or, you can find a program built for a 10k (6.2 miles) and use the novice portion of the program and that'll give you a foundation to build distance which will in turn build speed for a shorter run.


You have plenty of time to improve your running. 7 months will be enough if you stick to a plan. I agree with the others. Look for a training program that looks like you can follow. A 5k or 10k training program is a good one to follow. I found a simple one at This is a 5k training program for a beginner. I'd complete this one first and then move to a 10k training schedule. This should put you right into form just before going into bootcamp. Being able to recover quickly from exercise will be key in your bootcamp.

My brother was an Airborne Ranger and from his stories mental toughness and endurance are the two attributes you will be tested on. Sleep deprivation coupled with mucle fatigue will untltimately test your will. I'd train your ability to do pushups and run longer distances. Hill climbers are good training as well. Ultimately being able to lift your own weight many times is best. I'm sure the training between the Marines and Army infintry is pretty similar. My brother told me of the endless hours of pushups and hillclimbers he did. Good to see you getting ready before going in. Good luck.



Since you are in training for the Marines and not for specifically running, I could see where you would want to put on more muscle. But let me tell you - putting more on is most likely not going to benefit your running and will in fact probably make it harder. You could probably afford to lose some weight since 160 pounds is a bit bulky for 5'6. You may not want to do this since you are in training for the marines and not just running but I would imagine that it would be a lot easier if you were below 150. The optimum weight for non-sprinting running at that height is probably around 145. Anyway, like Pug said, you need to start running longer distances straight. Like 2 miles straight. Once you are able to do that, then you can work on doing your 1.5 miles faster. I'm not goign to make a schedule for you because I don't know enough information and i'm not qualified to do that.