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hey there all,
i've been doing long runs since...july and i want to transition over to hills and maybe speedwork....i'm fairly new to running (Started last march). Now, i don't want to go rush right into any advice would be great.
It would really help if anyone had a good transition program...base->hills->speedwork..



hey there all, i've been doing long runs since...july
Long runs ? How long is a piece of string? Are you just looking to vary your training or do you have some specific race in mind ? What distance ? XC. Track, Road ? What time frame do you have? In the mean time the bigger the base you have the better. What is your average weekly kms./miles ?


I average between 20 and 30 miles per week (my longest run is about 6miles). While I don't have a sepcific race in mind, i'd like to vary my training, work on some speed and get some leg strength. I'm just bored running slow and want to vary things up a little.

As for target distance for a race, I'd like to work on 5ks.



'elhajj', apologies for not getting back to you before this.
With a consistant 20 to 30 miles under your belt since March I am reasonably confident that you could now start introducing some hill work and some speed into your training sessions.
With your winter coming on I imagine you won't be running 5km races until at least early spring, this being the case you have plenty of time to build up.
I take it that you are running 6 to 7 days a week and you are serious about your running (If you time yourself, you're serious in my book)
I believe you should loosely structure your training around :-
1. long run. 2. two hill sessions 3. a race if not a time trial every two weeks. The days in between, you should run AYF.
You originally asked about transition from base mileage to running hills.
Rather than running Sausage sessions, which you can bring into your training at a latter date I would prefer to see you pick a circuit of say around 2 mile/3km. with hills of different lengths and gradient. I would practice the habit of running HARD OVER THE HILL keeping the pressure on yourself for at least 50m. (A disguised type of speed work) as opposed to easing off at the top of the hill.
A long run with your mileage is anything over an hour so if your 6 miler is under the hour start pushing the distance out. (gradual progression)
As with any new training start out slowly (should you follow this )
Make sure you get recovery. You may like to cut down your mileage on your AYF days.
At the end of the week and every week.
EVALUATE: Did it work?
I'm not an on line coach, these are merely guidelines, everyone has different training needs and without seeing you run you are probably the best judge of what is required of you
Results will come slowly (and so they should) but remember you are working on 5km. racing, more specific training and pre-competition training comes latter.



Phar has given you some pretty sound advice there.

The only thing, I would possibly suggest different, would be instead of two hill workouts, doing one hill workout, and one tempo run at lactate threshold pace.

However, that is only a suggestion, as what Phar has given you is very solid. Just wanted to give you a slight option.

Good Luck to you.