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Don't worry about what gift will be perfect for the fitness lover in your life. We've compiled a top list of all the best gifts for any budget this year.

If you're running around worried about what to get that fitness lover in your life, stop worrying and look no further. There are more than enough great gift ideas for any budget and for friend or family member you're thinking of. We've compiled a list of this years best gift ideas for those looking to start getting active, and those who everyone knows loves everything fitness.

1. Fit bit ultra

This little device is the extreme high-tech version of a pedometer. Forget tracking how many steps you walk; this device calculates what those steps actually mean. The wireless clip fits easily into your pocket and collects data about how much energy you use up, how far you go and how hard you're working. The docking system stays at home and whenever the two devices are near, data automatically uploads.

You need not move a finger with this neat little device. Its a great tech device for the novice exerciser. It'll track and graph how much exercise you've done and provide reports. These devices range from $50 to $250, depending on versatility and functions.

2. Buggy for parent and baby

A great idea for young parents who don't seem to have enough time to get it all done. Runners buggies allow parents to take kids along for their exercise. No need to worry about gym memberships, babysitters, or dropping the kids off so you can get your regular exercise in. A great one for former joggers and runners. These are a little more pricy and it may be a good one to consider as a group gift. A buggy will run you anywhere from $175 to $400, depending on brand and quality.

3. Health Mag subscription

An easy and simple gift is a subscription to a good magazine. Always filled with enticing articles and great tips, your gift will be handled and useful all year! Health and fitness magazine subscriptions don't cost a whole lot and can really go the distance when it comes to getting good and useful information to your loved one. For guys consider muscle, or specific sport training, and for women, consider magazines which focus on health, or their sport of choice.

4. Exercise or Yoga Mat

Another simple gift idea is the ever popular yoga mat. These are being used by people doing all types of yoga and any other form of exercise from the floor. Having an exercise mat in your house can really change up the atmosphere, making your living room really feel like an exercise space. A great idea for the yoga lover in your life, or for a person who exercises from home. Yoga mats run anywhere from $25 to $65.

5. Lulu Lemon gift certs

Everyone loves getting gift certificates, and when it comes to clothing, this is always the best route. Let your loved one try on clothes for size, and be sure that they get what they really wanted! Men and women can't resist the quality of lulu lemon clothing let alone the style and fit. Spend only what you can afford on this gift- another reason to opt for gift certificates.

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