I am 40 and July 1, 2010 I suffered a lower back injury. Several major muscle spasms since. weakness in lower back. I have had spasms which have affected both legs at different times. first the left then the right. Now I have numbness of the lower right leg, and toes burn. Several muscles of the lower leg are still spasmed. A pressure in my lower back is noticable. Just like before my major spasms. This is such a chaotic and dehabilitating problem. On 7-1-10 I had x-rays which showed nothing. 7 weeks later i get an MRI and the neurologist says I have a bulge disc between the L4 and L5. He said that it was not touching the sciatic nerve. He should tell me that when I can't stand up or walk. Walking I have not done without a limp for a while now. I now use a wheelchair for long periods away from home. After spending too much time on my feet, my back aches and standing up is painful. I feel that the next spasm will attack at anytime.