Recent research found that a new vaccine developed to fight ovarian cancer shows very interesting and promising results in first trials of research. Main purpose of the vaccine is to encourage and enchances immune response of patients body to fight the ovarian cancer.

Scientists have tested new vaccine with the type of cancer located on the covering of the ovaries, so called epithelial cancer. Research found that immune system reacts to this new vaccine and has ability to recognize and kill cancer cells located in ovaries.

Ovarian cancer is mainly found in women over 50 years of age but it is also detected in some young women. The cause of it remains unknown and the treatment doctor’s usually prescribe is surgery that is usually followed by various kinds of medicines.

Ovarian cancer is fourth most common type of cancer in women diagnosed with cancer and fifth cause of all known cancer death. Most of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer response to drug treatment after the surgery but still more then 70% die from a reoccurence of the cancer in period of 5 years after the diagnose.