A new tablet based vaccine against grass pollen allergy has been introduced to the German market by the public limited company ALK-Abelló.

People who are allergic easily react to allergens in an exaggerated manner that results in irritations and discomfort to the body.

The new formula, Grazax®, has been studied for years and represents an immunotherapy vaccine easy to be used at home in a single dose. The best results are seen when a patient took the tablet 8 weeks prior to onset of the season when grass pollen becomes rampant.

Eighty two percent of the study participants who had never undergone any other treatment reported decreased allergic reactions and a sense of well being.

Statistics show us that over 45 million Europeans suffer from this allergy that seriously interferes with the sufferers’ lives, work and social interactions.
The company announced that the vaccine will be soon available in other European countries as well.