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Low Fat Foods Do Not Work
You cannot lose weight using low fat diets. So many people have tried to reduce their fat diets in order to lose weight but to no avail. Our society instead is getting more overweight as each year passes.
This is to let you know that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.
Low Calorie Diets Do Not Work
Eating low calories is a very harmful thing to do to your body as that will only slow down your body`s fat burning engine and ruin all chances of losing weight.

A dieting plan which focuses on faster weight loss, such as the Acceleration Fat Burning Program is the best solution.

We all love bread (in its various forms), it is simple, cheap,
always available and mostly tasty.
Bread fits in on virtually any time of the day.
But what do you actually know of this simple food?
Did you know that white bread is probably the one worst way to
provide your body with carbohydrates?
Did you know that white bread is so light in weight that it takes
almost a third of a loaf to make a grown person feel full?
You didn't?
It's ok, most people don't know that.
One of the big misconceptions regarding diets is that only sweets
and fat cheese can make you fat.
I'm telling you right now, white bread makes you fatter.
If you are on a diet and you are eating white bread - you need to
know that you're disrupting your own efforts.
Let's get serious for a moment,
100 grams of white bread contains 270 calories that's approximately
3 slices.
100 grams of Whole wheat bread contains 210 calories but will make
you feel a lot fuller.
See, that's the main reason why you should not eat white bread.
Aside of that, white brad contains simple carbohydrates,
This means it has the same effect as plain table sugar (carbs wise).
What does it mean?
It means the carbs in the bread are digested quickly,
They provide a boost in your blood sugar level,
That makes the body release large amounts of insulin.
I don't want to get into the biological details but in general,
Insulin is used to level your blood sugar level,
When insulin levels are high the body does not want to burn fat.
In other words, the insulin tells the body to not use the fat but
to keep it.
To sum up, when you eat while bread you tell your body to stop
burning fat for a while.
Why oh why would you do such thing?
The answer is simple - you are used to it.
My advice is to start getting used to better types of bread.
Almost any type of bread which is not made of white flour is better
for your weight loss attempts.
I'm sure you understood why you should substitute your white bread
but let me tell you one more thing.
It's easy and doing easy things usually provides quick results.
While dieting, you have a lot of difficulties and a lot on your mind,
So why not help yourself with such an easy solution that really
doesn't require anything except buying different bread?
I see no reason and neither should you.
I hope I helped giving you push toward a healthier, thinner life.
Try our New Fat Burning Diet.


Can you tell me more about the diet then? Do you also have any sources for the low fat diet you're talking about? I would like to read more about it. Thank you!