First of all let me say that I think losing weight fast is a great way to go, researchers and real life people have shown that fast weight loss, even though challenging can be a powerful motivator that leads to better results. And fast weight loss can be done in a healthy way.

This article shares smart steps to losing weight fast without having to result to unhealthy and scary tricks.


A healthy and balanced weight loss diet will include food products from the main food groups as has been outlined in the Food Guide Pyramids. The key to a healthy and balanced weight loss diet is avoiding fad diets because fad diets do not consider the importance certain food products have. A balanced weight loss diet will include the following:


Carbohydrates enhance the ability of the body to produce energy. Carbohydrates comes in two major forms such as starches in the form of cereals, potatoes and pulses and sugars found in vegetables, fruits, cakes and sweets. Aim to eat a lot of carbohydrates if you wish to seek a healthy approach to losing weight. Avoid eating an excess of sweets, aerated drinks, biscuits, cakes, ice cream etc. Furthermore, ensure that if under difficult circumstances, you cannot avoid eating sugary food items, eat or drink them following a meal and hours before going to bed to avoid the probability of assuming tooth decay. Some of the good sources of carbohydrates include bread, chapattis, pasta, oats, breakfast cereals, rice, noodles etc.


Protein helps the tissues of the body to grow and repair themselves. Amino acids are essential for the building of protein, but there are some that are called ‘essential amino acids’ and can only be derived through food. Consume a moderate amount of protein rich food items such as meat, eggs, fish, healthy dairy products such as yoghurt, milk etc. At least fifteen percent of the total calories that you earn each day must come from protein, which should be about 40-50 grams a day. Avoid eating protein more than the aforementioned amount.


Avoid eating fats and sugars

Avoid consuming food products that have excess of fat and sugar. Some of the food products that include fats are butter, margarine, oil-based salad dressings, chocolate, biscuits, crisps etc. Some food products that include sugars include sweets, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, puddings, ice-cream and pastries.




1. Keep your calories low but learn the secret to keeping your metabolism high. You must keep your calories low to burn fat (women should not go lower than 1,200 calories/day and men no lower than 1,500) this is a basic truth of weight loss but your body reads this as a problem if your calories stay low for too long.

To prevent your body from dropping your metabolism as a way of adapting to the lower calories you must boost your calories periodically. You can think of this as having a “cheat meal” once a week. Simply keep your calories low for 6 days and then on day 7 boost your calories 25 to 50%. This will actually speed your weight loss for the week because of the boost to your metabolism.

2. Don’t eliminate carbohydrates – shift them. Carbohydrates are needed by the body and you can give your body the carbs it needs and still experience the rapid weight loss of a very low carb diet by shifting the carbohydrate intake to the morning. Then in the evening eat proteins, veggies and good fats.

3. Exercise smarter with high intensity intervals. Research shows that you can greatly increase your fat burning during an aerobic exercise session by adding bursts of maximum exertion for a few minutes at a time. This burns fat quicker for the rest of the day.

Losing weight fast can be done in a way that still allows you to eat good foods and doesn’t make you resort to unhealthy and scary tricks.  Use the steps to losing weight fast above for your best results.