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I have read many posts where people are trying to lose weight or asking for advice on ways to lose weight.

The best advice I was told myself was to make an appointment with a Endocrinologist/Metabolism Specialist in which I did & am so glad I took that advice.

The specialist will arrange for all bloods tests to be done that way you can find out if you are lacking in certain problems or if there may be a medical problem why you are not losing weight, your diet will be written especially for you and a exercise plan that suits you best with the advice from a Specialist.

I went & saw one and it was the best advice/Specialist i have ever been to see.

I know they can be expensive, however it is much cheaper than joining all the weight loss places out there that cost a fortune & cannot medically diagnose you correctly if there is an underlying problem as to why you are finding it hard to lose weight.

I started 3 weeks ago on my strict diet, exercise & taking the medication Metformin (used to sensitise your insulin which results in less appetite & more burning of stored fats). I am not diabetic & my sugar levels are great but the Speciaist has given me this medicaton to assist with the weight loss.

I started 3 weeks ago & weighed 92.5kg, now am down to 84.7kg with combining all three together of medication, excercise & diet.

Alot of people that are overweight tend to be low in Vitamin D, the blood tests performed will show this result. This can result in you being tired from lacking in vitamin d.


Thank you everyone for the good reading on this site your comments are very valuable and vary from one person to another.

I have had a problem with losing with for the past 12 months - Combined with eating well & excerise I found my weight was still going up & down so decided to go and see a Endocrinologist/Metabolism Specialist. This Specialist was recommended to me & is highly valued in Australia.

Years ago I did have a thyroid cyst removed & half of my thyoid gland removed & at that time gained weight. Nowadays my thyriod is functioning well, however the Specialist that I have seen has advised that I have never lost the fat that has been kept in my stored fat cells, that is why my weight goes up & down. Even though I eat well to empty the cells that hold the fat I need to follow this very strict diet for some time.

He was fantastic - With great advice on excercise, diet & has placed me on the medication Metformin (twice a day, 250mg to start with). I have only taken it for a few days however so far so good no side effects. I am not diabetic however the Specialist has decided to put me on this medication to assist with making my cells more sensitive to insulin resulting in less appetite & more burning of fat stores. The specialist did strongly advise that this medication will not make me lose the weight alone, but will assist in the burning of fat from stored cells along with following this strict diet & excercise.

After reading many posts it seems that the diet I have been advised to follow is different to what many other readers are following, so if anyone has any useful information re diet it would be appreciated. I am confused why some people are allowed dairy foods, when I have been advised to take it all out of the diet except in coffee.

I have been advised to lose the weight I must not have anything with sugar in it, no potatoes, rice, pasta etc, however can eat Rye bread as an exception.

The diet is as follows - Sounds very strict but he advised me only 3 meals a day as if you have morning tea & afternoon tea you are training your body to live on extra energy & telling your body it needs it by eating inbetween Breakfast, lunch and dinner, where as if you only have breakfast, lunch & dinner your body is forced to use the energy from where the cells are storing fat.

Breakfast - 2 slices of rye bread with either: 1 egg or tuna/salmon/ham/meat such as beef.

Lunch - 2 slices of rye bread: either 1 egg or tuna/salmon/ham/meat with salad.

Only one egg a day so either morning or lunch.

Dinner - 200g of lean meat/or fish with either veges or salad.

I am to have not low fat yoghurt as they are high in sugar & if i feel the need for a snack inbetween only 10 almonds.

The only fruits are berry fruits as most fruits are high in natural sugar but at this stage I am not allowed anything other than the diet he has told me to follow - I am presuming it wont stay this way forever with this diet but he has advised me that this will take the weight off and pull the stored fat out of my cells.

Excercise - Min of 10,000 steps a day & to use a Pedometer & also keep a food diary for him to view at my next appointment.

Hope this post helps

Bel :-)


ur post is indeed gud i vl surely keep d points in mind thanks for sharing:)