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I have sister who is 18 years-old now. She really makes me worry, because all the time she read about some diets to lose weight. I really can’t say she is overweight, so I don’t know why she is doing such a thing. Lately she is worried about launches our mother prepares, saying there are so many proteins in chicken, for example. I want to know if that is really important how much protein is in chicken for diet, or it is all about amount of meal?


The protein in chicken has a high biological quality compared to some plant foods. Chicken protein contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions. That is required by the body for optimum growth of lean, calorie burning tissue. Maintaining our lean weight is crucial for keeping the metabolic rate sufficiently high enough to burn enough calories to lose some weight. Quality of protein can be an important factor in losing weight because if protein quality is low there's more chance it will be converted to fat which is usually stored under the skin. If the consumption of calories is low it is less likely the protein will be stored as fat however the more protein used for energy the less fat burned from the fat stores. Many processed foods nowadays contain protein levels of poor quality. It means the protein in these foods cannot be used for maintenance and must either be used for energy or converted to the fat. The chicken protein quality basically means that all its protein can be used for protein synthesis and is limited the amount which is burned as fuel.


take an interest in her diets. she just wants to be healthy. perhaps suggest alternatives she may like and you will get along as more caring family. respect her decisions on not eating meat and you will have a closer relationship. "Because chickens are now bred and drugged to grow so large, chicken flesh today contains three times as much fat as it did just 35 years ago. The most toxic form of he poison arsenic is used in chiken feed because it promotes faster growth. the National Institute of Health warns that this cancer causeing chemical is then ingested by people who eat chickn flesh. Men's Health magazine ranked chicken as the numer one food you should never eat because of its high rate of bacterial contamination"(p.5 Vegitarian starter kit PeTA)

A well rounded vegitarian diet (no dairy either) is the best diet you can do for your body. The best athletes i th world are athletes. I bike 42 miles 4 days a week and work at a farm and I am maximized by vegitaion and limited by animals and refined foods.

Actually, plants have a high quality protiens that we can more readily digest. Our stomachs and systems are not meant to digest dairy after age two, or much meat, by cell size and enzyme function. we also have extra long intestines designed to process plants, making the long journey difficult and inefficient for meat. that is why it "builds up in you intestines". it is good for you. aminals, except some white fish actually have the wrong kind of protien for our bodies. According to Dr.Michio Kushi ( doctor and author of The Macrobiotic diet) , protien is burned under two conditions, as a repair tool, but also becuase of starvation. when we eat too much animal protien we trigger a response in our body that mimicks starvation and fat gain, not muscle gain. good quality, low glycemic Carbohydrates are the key to maximum performance. if a person eats a balanced diet of fruits, vegitables and grains its body will be maximized in performance disease control. Dr. Michio Kushi, Dr.Niel Bernard (doctor and author of many books including how to reverse diabetes without drugs and the pain free diet), and even Dr. Spock (renowned author of child care books) all recomend a vegitarian diet to regain health and maintain a stable system.

pesticides and antibiotics and diseases all get stored in the flesh of animals. it is a - basic ecological tennant - that poison moves up the food chain and is know to concentrate in animal flesh. There fore eating meat such as chicken concentrates poisons in your human body.

also consider that we are thinking animals, not beasts of burden. we need high quality amino acids and readily digestible nutirents, to fuel our minds. we do not need excessive amounts of protien to "build muscles". we are not stock animals and should not eat to be like them. we can be fit and trim and muscular wtihout being "big"....

we actually don't need as much protien as the media suggests. indeed, eating too much protien can actually imbalance your calcium absorption, or even take it from your system there by making you weaker over all!

I suggest using normal foods like barley flours, wheat flours, malts, flax, soy, coconut, broccoli, almonds, leafy grean veggies, . from these foods you get most or all of your omegas, prodien, iron and b12! no need for inefficient meat and dairy consumption. maximize your performance with green tea and honey, or green tea and agave nectar.

meat is not cheaper than vegitable. portion per portion, it comes out more frugally. forther more, according to doctor McDougall the meat diet is a make your self sick diet. I agree with him from personal experience and observation of the pubic and my friends.

if you do eat chicken, buy organic and keep it to only a few times a year...once every three months or something. you will pay more up front ounce for ounce it is true, but you will be wealthier and be happier for not having to pay for the medical treatment of another chronic illness.

get a free vegitarian starter kit at

look up these namess
Michio Kushi, Niel Bernarn, John McDougall, Deborah Wildson, Dean Ornish, Spock.
Carl lewis, robert parish desmond howard bill pearl keith holmes chris evert edwin mosis
the otherwise famous:
Sir paul McCartney, Casey Affleck alicia silverstone tobey maguire natalie portman "Clint Eastwood" Russell simmons...many more names for each category....


I beleive the primary question was: How much protein is in chicken. The answer is:

Chicken breast, 3.5 oz - 30 grams protein
Chicken thigh – 10 grams
Drumstick – 11 grams
Wing – 6 grams
Chicken meat all of the chicken, cooked, 4 oz 35 grams