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Hi All, I was wondering what was the effect of weight loss on BG? I'm afraid I'm considerably over weight and having trouble maintaining proper blood sugar levels. As my diabetes manager insists that I much lose weight, I need to get serious. She tells me that will help stabilize and lower my BG levels a lot. I don't mind the diet I'm on it's just that I will have to cut my calories way back and I know I will feel hungry all the time and I will want to eat. I consider myself pleasingly plump and comfortable with that but somehow I've got to do this. I'm not so sure I fully understand how your weight affects your BG. Can someone help me with that? Thanks.


Hi, The situation of being over weight comes from taking in too many sugars. This causes you blood sugar levels to rise. In turn your pancreas secretes insulin to move glucose out of your bloodstream and into your cells to use as energy. If you have too much insulin, your body thinks it needs more glucose. This generates a hunger and craving for sugar. This recurring cycle of high and low blood sugar levels generally caused by overeating stores excess calories from sugar into fat stores. This makes you gain weight. Keep in mind the heavier you are, insulin becomes less effective. As you pancreas tries to compensate by making more insulin, this wears out your pancreas because you can no longer keep up with insulin production that you need. This leads to insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. Even though you have all that sugar around, your cells can't use it to make ATP.


If you lose weight, this will increase your insulin sensitivity and stabilize blood sugar levels. By exercising and counting calories, you can lose weight and regulate insulin and glucose. Increasing exercise and choosing the proper foods will help you to lose weight. Stay away from sugar, refined flours and simple carbs. Some carbs are good carbs and stick to those. You want high fiber carbs found in whole grains, fruits and veggies. Fiber helps to keep the gut clean while making you feel full at the same time making you eat less. Exercise regularly and this will help your muscles make use of excess glucose you have in your system thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels again.