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Hi there,

While skating when I was 6, I had a concussion.

Now 16, I recently have had a rather severe dizzy spell and vision troubles (white light).

The white light was intermittent, pulsing so that I could see normally in between the white.

Not sure if this is connected to the previous concussion, but any ideas would be great.



Hey there


Since you are 16 and you are still developing this could be nothing. Are you involved in some sports or physical activity? If you are and you are teenager and we all know that teenagers love to avoid foods occasionally and especially girls. All this together with stress can cause the dizziness and white light and silver stars in front of your eyes. To avoid this try to eat three times a day and drink a plenty of water and you must take care of yourself.

If you don’t find yourself in these lines than it would be wise to talk to your parents and tell them to take you to the family doctor. Keep us posted and I hope that everything will be fine.