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Good day people,

Estrin D seems like a pretty good idea for me to lose pounds, but I have pretty much age for this. Actually, I have experience with a lot of diet pills, but to be honest I never liked them. Still, I believe that they are pretty helpful for all of us who are overweight :)

But, there is one problem – my little cousin, she is going to be 16 for four months, she desperately wants to lose her weight for her sweet 16. She found some perfect green dress with some glitter, but I am kind of scared. Now, tell me are there any side – effects on Estrin D on teenagers who use it for a weight loss?



So if you ask me, I would say no. I don’t have anything against diet pills for weight loss at all, but I believe that kids can’t take them. Yes, there are some side – effects. My daughter was using them one day, and she was very dizzy and she had diarrhea almost seven days. Just for the record, we didn’t know that she was using those pills, she was overweight, sad and depressed and she bought Estrin D without my permission. When we took her to doctor, she admitted. He told us that this can be caused by Estrin D.

Now, I am not saying that this story is true, but just for you to know.

I hope this is helpful.





She is probably just like my little cousin, she is 13 and she is overweight, but she is still too young to think about diet pills, she doesn’t even know what they are. I don’t know what to tell you about this issue. I never had any experience to know about estrin d and teenagers, but I believe that they should avoid diet pills anyway.

They are pretty hard, they have a strong influence on your organism, and let’s be realistic, and teenager boy or girl is growing up every day. Their organisms are still week for those pills. I would like to recommend healthy diet, without snacks and chocolate. That is the easiest and healthiest way.