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Hi. So i got a concussion, broken nose, and stitches about a month ago. I was in a soccer tournament and got kicked in the head and naturally saw black and stars for a couple seconds, but was conscious the whole time. I was examined by a trainer who was concerned of neck injuries and a concussion, and highly suggested i go to the emergency room. I went, and discovered that i needed stitches and had a broken nose as well as a 2nd grade concussion. I was watched for 24 hours and had planned on returning to school two days later, but i was repeatedly vomiting and it wouldn't stop. Again i went to the ER and got a CAT Scan to be sure my skull wasn't fractured or there was any bleeding in the brain, luckily there wasn't and they just said it was trauma from the concussion. They gave me nausea medication as well as a pill to reduce pain in my headaches. The first two weeks i did have memory loss, irritability, mood swings, trouble sleeping, intense headaches, and nausea almost all the time. I see my doctor once every week to determine whether im cleared or not. I have not returned to school for a month and was suggested that i see a neurologist. Problem is, i have school. And they said the waiting list could be up to November 20th-December 3rd. My doctor wants a second opinion on whether my concussion is serious or not and whether i should stay home still. My symptoms are what worries her. I still have awful headaches, mood swings, trouble sleeping, and light sensitivity. I can't determine if i am depressed and sad due to the concussion because my dad recently passed away 7 months ago and that is still lingering on me. I have to say i have been more emotional than ever since the concussion. I can't text or get on the computer without any severe pain in my head. I can't write properly like i used to and can't read without a headache. I need advice from anybody that's had a concussion before. What do i do? Go with what my doctor said and ride it out for two more weeks or more until i see a neurologist? Do i still have a concussion? Or could it be something else? Please help. I just need answers and advice. NOTE: I'm 16, i've played soccer for seven years and this is my first concussion/head injury to happen to me. I've been resting as i should have.


Hi Taylor,

Your symptoms are consistent with a concussion.  They can take a VERY long while to heal.

That's the thing about a brain injury, it is a long healing process.

I second what your doctor is saying, see a neurologist.  Your symptoms should be improving noticeably by now.  Find another neurologist if you have to but get in to see one as soon as you can.

Yes, you still have a concussion.

Hang in there.  Good luck.