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i am 15 and am taking modular exams and i have recently developed a constant headache and pulsing feelings in my eyes what is it?


Hello there


Since you are teenager your body is still developing and you are spending more energy than before. All sorts of different chemical processes are happening inside of your brain and body and what you are experiencing is nothing unordinary.

You are trying to be the best and you are studying a lot and of course it is normal that sometimes you are ignoring the signals your body is sending to you. Headaches are usually symptom and sign that you need to rest and sleep but if the exam is tomorrow of course that you will ignore this and continue to study. Pulsing eyes means that you are definitely overreacting. Try to sleep more and eat healthy instead of junk food and if this doesn’t go away after you finish with the exams than it would be wise to consult your doctor.