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ok so here it is my friend set me up her boyfriends friend on a double maybe triple date but anyways i have never been on a date i dont know what to wear, or what i should do , sometimes i get annoying but really when im nervouse and i dont want him to think im crazy or something what do i do plz help.


I would tell you to be yourself but you admit to being annoying when your nervous, so lets switch gears, yes? Just try and think before you say something. A lot of ideas can run thru your head in a short amount of time. Don't be loud and try not to giggle to much. Avoid a hugh hearty laugh that exposes all of your teeth as well as your tonsils. Don't flip your hair, that's annoying. Don't burp, pass gas, pick your nose or scratch yourself in un lady like places, should you feel the urge to do any of these other wise normal functions, excuse yourself to the ladies room. It's fine to ask one of your friends (girls) to accompany you, girls usually go to the bathroom in pairs or groups anyway. If you are eating at a restaurant or even a fast food place, don't order everything on the menu, your prospective boyfriend will think your a glutton. Order conservatively, and it's okay to leave a little food left on your plate. Take lady bites of food, don't stuff where the food comes leaking out of the sides of your mouth, don't talk or laugh with your mouth full, some one on the other side of the table may wear it.
As far as the way you are going to dress, find out where you may be going first. You don't want to go bowling in a skirt. Usually a nice pair of jeans, avoid camel toe and pantie lines. A nice sweater, it's cold. A tight sweater is okay, just make sure you wear the right bra. If it's a lower cut sweater, avoid a cleavage that rests under your chin, cleavage is okay and it is rather sexy but you don't want it blocking you from breathing, to much makes you look trashy. Try to avoid the ever embarassing, to much nipple, especially if you get a chill or are cold. A nice pair of sexy boots with jeans go well together. Payless carries a ton of them for under 30 bucks, but try not to be taller than he is.
Make light conversation and respond when asked a question. Don't get that "duh" look when you don't know the answer to something. Be honest, think for a moment and just say, i really don't know that. Smile and really have a good time. If it's a triple date, your going to be with people you probably don't know, remember a first impression leaves a lasting impression, if you act silly, that will be remembered as such, if you act like a young lady no one will have anything bad to say about you.

You'll be fine, just relax and enjoy yourself. First dates are always nerve racking but you will calm down after a while. Your not crazy and people won't think you are if you just use a little self control and think before you speak. Have fun. :-D