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I have been married for 8 months to my spouse which we have been together for almost 6 years. Last year we decided to separate but did not go to court for a legal separation. Since then I found out that I was pregnant and my husband has another female pregnant at the same time. Before finding this out I suspected something because after having relations with my husband I catch Trichomonasis. He finally comes out and tells me what he was doing. I too found someone and became sexually involved with them while pregnant. He decided to come back and we are living together. I can't accept the fact that he has a love child and he cant accept the fact that I cheated. I put him on child support and he is angry about the situation. The reason for the child support is because he just started a job in July and since before then been out of work for a year. He tried to make me move out of town but I could not. The reason for the separation was being jealous of a phone call. I was trying to go to the military to better our family. The whole time I have been with my husband I support him 4 out of the almost 6 years we were together. As our relationship went on he began to get in trouble with the law on probation now in 2 counties. Most woman wouldnt not put up with this is what I have been told. My husband family members do not like me at all another reason this love child came alone. He wants me to be friends with the female. I do not want to be friends with her. She call herself trying to fix our problems during the little separation but now she made it worst. My husband says she calls asking him to buy things for her other child that the father never stepped up to the plate and took care of. I love him to death I just want to be happy. I am angry because the side of him this female will never see. In the past I have had to put a restraining order on him and also put him in jail. I know god exists so I pray to him about our problems. The problem now is Facebook he did not acknowledge me as his wife and the female whom is pregnant by him he associates with on there. What shoudl I do?


Hi honey! I am sure at the end of this you are going to think "WHY did I get HER!"? BUT I study people, always have always will! I figure out why they do what they do and this is the way I see your relationship!

He is a Scab you can't stop picking at! Or a cyst in the mouth that you can't leave alone with your tongue! You are SO used to the pain and the irritation, that you can't imagine life without it! It hurts, but it is there!

So lets look at the facts!

1. He cheated on you and had unprotected sex with another woman and got her pregnant!
2. He cheated on you and had unprotected sex with another woman and gave you a disease!
3. He cheated on you with another woman, and refuses to cut off ties with her, and talks to her on face book?
4. He cheated on you and finally has a job, yet is fully prepared to pay for the other child and his/her brother too!
5. He is irritated that you have the audacity to put his name on for child support - when he FINALLY got a job, but has no problem helping out the other woman and her 2 children
6.You have had 2 restraining orders against him, an dhe is wanted in 2 states, he wants for you to move so he doesn't have to follow through with the child support - but hasn't moved his lover out!
7. His family is probably supporting his lover to spite you

I will tell you what you don't want to hear

You do NOT love him to death!! PERIOD!

It is impossible for you to love a man that has been an abuser, a traitor, a cheat, a lazy good for nothing, and a sherker! He put your life in danger by having unprotected sex! What happens if she had HIV or AIDS or Herpes!? While you were there with your legs in the air, getting a swab done BECAUSE OF HIM! Did you love him then? NO!

So keep his name on the child support, and get on with your life! I guarantee you that he WILL go to this other woman, eventually! He wants his cake and eat it too! EVERY time you have a fight, he wants to keep her in the background and giving her morsels, so that she will take him in! I PROMISE you that, IF you take this, he will keep on giving it! And there will be NOTHING you can do about it! And once he has gotten away with this, he WILL go around again! THAT is a given! There HAS to be reprocussions for his actions and LACK of actions! He didn't care less about you when he was cheating OR still conversing with the woman! And the only reason why he is mad about you cheating is that it is his get back! HE can look better infront of his family etc by telling them that YOU cheated on him - sure he left the part of him cheating out or lessened it or menitoned it AFTER telling them you cheated!

It's your call, but I think from you asking complete strangers on a web site, you ALREADY knew the answer, and just needed back up! So here is you back up honey! I don't envy your situation! I am just sending you out hugs and the best wishes for you and your chiuldren! Staying with this ticking time bomb is NOT in anyones well being!


Where have you been all my life geez. In my mind im like forget him but I think about our kids. Okay so its a rap time to move on. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


Sorry for being blunt, BUT sometimes it's what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear! Just be safe! Good luck honey! And IF you ever need to vent I'm usually on here!