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I have been thinking of something for a while

first of all Im 17 years old and My Height is 5'9

For my information that growth plates are not closed at age 17 , Probbly Start To close at 18 and above

The thing that i want to do is to Combine 3 Amino Acids : Arginine , Ornithine And Lysine , It will boost my HgH and Testrone.

So Do you think by taking them will make me taller? and have wider bones?

Any side effects? Please help.


By your age, you are likely pretty well done growing. You can take some amino acids to help with growth but you're already taking in those amino acids regularly anyway. You have to have 26 (I think?) every day for normal health maintenance, so taking extra won't really do much. IF you are truly unhappy with your height, there is a very painful surgery you can go through to increase your height by an inch or two. Are you shorter than everyone else? 5'9" is average... Let me know!