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I'm 16 years old, and I'm very confused about how I went through puberty (or rather, going through)

I was always rather tall for my age, up until about 6th grade was when I started evening out with some of the other kids my age. 7th grade was when I started growing my beard (yes, beard) but my voice didn't deepen very much. I'm hairy (like a gorilla) and have been growing chest hair since 6th grade; however, I never got taller or went through a growth spurt. 

I kind of just stuck at the same height for years. As far as genital/penal growth, well -- I have grown recently. This all sounds normal, but it's completely out of place and from what I've read, completely different from what normal puberty sounds like. Do I have hormonal imbalance? Also, I'm getting stretch marks on my inner-elbow and forearm accomponied by pimples/whatever IN the stretchmarks (or they start off as "pimples" and develop into stretchmarks). What exactly is happening?

(PS. It's very embarrassing asking this question, even online...)


Hi Szunik,

First off, this is YOUR puberty so don't compare it to anyone elses.  Everyone goes through it differently.
You may be near your adult height.  How tall are you?

Stretchmarks are actually fairly common.  Usually they are as a result of rapid growing or gaining weight.

While I don't find anything out of the ordinary in your post, a checkup by your doctor may be in order.

Don't be embarrassed by these questions.  Everyone wants to know if they're "normal" and you are.



I'm 5'9-5'10

Really, I'm just very self-conscious about these stretchmarks (not to mention the horrid blemishes that form around or in them) and wonder when they will stop. They're in such a weird position, too -- and getting worse. I'm overweight, but I haven't gained much weight at all in the past year or so. (this is around the time they first started coming in)



I understand about the stretch marks. 

There are some creams that can lighten them, you need to use them early.  There are also laser treatments that may help. 

They can be as a result of hormonal changes during puberty too.  It doesn't mean there is a problem however.

5' 9" to 5' 10" is an average adult height.  You will likely continue to grow, at a slower pace, for another few years.

Everyone is just different Szunik.  You are normal.

Good luck.