Hello there,
I have only just joined this side and was just hoping for some solid info and advice.
I don't ever take vitamins or supplements and therefore have no idea about them. A friend says he is taking amino acids which are helping him build muscle without putting on any fat!
I have also just had an injury to my ankle so will not be able to exercise as per normal for a few weeks. I am going to still attend the gym regularly and focus on stomach and upper body along with any quad or calf exercise which will not aggravate the injury. I have read up on amino acids and it also states they will help with healing to some degree.
Now, my problem is that all amino acid supplements appear to have a dozen other chemicals or supplements in them which I know nothing about and don’t understand and probably could do without.
Could anyone suggest or send a link to a particular supplement that would just help and focus on these two issues:
Helping build muscle without putting on fat?
Increase or help with the natural healing process?
Thank you in advance,