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I am a 19 year old female who has experienced a range of things in the last week.

I started the day by taking a diet pill (off the internet) as i have done a few times before. A few hours later my body went almost numb/tingley, i felt dizzy and thought i was going to faint, so i called the ambulence. I was taken to A%E where they did blod tests and a ECG. They said something was different about the ECG but everything else was fine.

I went home later that night and the same thing happened again, this time i managed to control it myself. The next day it happened againat night time, i was driven to A&E, had the same tests done and everything was fine.


I have had no more palpitations, but have now got a constant pain in the left of my chest (sometimes right)

Also i have been feeling nauseous and dizzy and having hot and cold moments.

Now for the past 2 days i have had horrible stomach pain where i have to almost curl up to manage them and the chest pains continue. I also experienced a shooting pain in my right hand side of my stomach after eating earlier today. The doctor i have been to see has told me this could be Anxiety. I am not convinced. The pain is too severe, or so i think so.


If anyone has any clue of what it might be, PLEASE write what your opinion is and what to do next.


I'm a 17 year old girl and I just looked up the pains that I have and saw your post. I have been having random sharp pains in my left and sometimes right chest for the past few years. Lately they have been getting worse and happening more oftern. I dont take diet pills and i have the same problems you do and the same test. Also the thing with your right arm, i have been having as well. Im worried..