So long story short, 21 years old, been pretty healthy most of my life except fairly overweight at 17, started dieting lost lots of weight but stalled, did a lot of bad diets like low-carb and fasting, wrecked metabolism. Now have hypothyroidism and whole host of issues, hair loss, no energy, etc. 1 year ago stopped all the dieting, started eating again normally, lots of fruit, healthy foods, 2000-3000 kcal again etc.

All of a sudden, Nov 2012 I was eating one day sitting at the table when I felt my heartbeat was beating really hard, I could feel every beat. Never had heart problems before, my whole life. Since then, every day, every moment of the day, I can feel my heart beating hard, every beat. Every 10 beats or so there is also a missed/skipped beat. There are times when it comes close to working normally but it never ever completely went away since then. If I stretch while sitting in my chair, within 10 seconds my heart will start pounding like it wants to beat out of my chest, then gradually calm down again. When climbing stairs quickly, I have rushes of what feels like adrenaline running through my chest. My symptoms follow some kind of circadian rhythm in that they are the weakest in morning and night, and worst in afternoon from 4-6 PM (so may be hormonal). Also lately have some symptoms with indigestion/gas/bloating, but didn't have 1 year ago when this started.

I've tried: magnesium (oral&transdermal), vitamin D, calcium, potassium, taurine, iron, thyroid hormones, blackseed oil, iodine, selenium, and a bunch of others....


I'm don't have anxiety, I'm a pretty chill person, in fact my life would be pretty great right now, if my heart would just work properly, like it did all my life... Also had ECG and treadmill test, still need holter ECG and ultrasound, but they found nothing.

Any ideas, folks?