I'm scared I have myocarditis. I had a viral infection about a week ago which has pretty much cleared up but I am suffering with a tight chest, massive palpitations to the point I feel I'm going to pass out. Feeling like my throat has a blockage. Also getting lots of wind, extremely fatigued, stressed out, coughing up white phlegm . I have sharp pains every so often in both sides of my chest. The day after I contracted the viral infection I ended in A and E with a suspected heart attack. They did a blood test and an ecg both of which came back clear. I have since had another ECG and my blood pressure checked at the Drs because the feelings haven't subsided. They just seem to come on so randomly sometimes and simple tasks such as walking up stairs start my heart pounding. I know I haven't been diagnosed but does anyone here have experience with clear blood tests and ECG yet still having myocarditis? I can hear my heart beating in my ears and it keeps catching my breath. My throat feels blocked, I feel dizzy , my ears are ringing. My heart is pounding as I'm typing this.