So i just had my daughter 3 months ago. I had my period last Aug 13-20th
Started taking "the Pill" Aug 24th being that i didn't recieve it be4 my period started.

My ovalation time was said to be between the 24th and 29th of Aug. My guy and I had sex on Sept 1st.

So by then i had been taking the pill 9days.

My guy probly of course "pre-cum'd" in side of me. but didn't do the whole shabang. He pulled out and jack'd off and cumd onto a towel

I thought my period was supposed to start (well) i thought Sept 10th. Now its the 12th.

My friend told me being that i'm on the pill i shouldn't be prego.
and that my period should start after i am done with this pack of pills
(which is next Sat the 20th.)

When i was prego last year i didn't get symptoms until later.
my past periods had symptoms 1-2wks be4 i strtd.

Please say their isn't a possiblity i'm prego again!!