this whole thing is tmi, i have to for everyone can understand what im going through, here it goes!

im a heavy bleeder with really bad cramps, i had a normal flow starting the 2nd of aug. i had sex with a guy friend more then a few times from the 18-21 of Aug. i always see a day of spotting with cramps a week before i come on the next month i seen that around the 27 or 28th when the 2nd of sept came i seen blood thought i was starting put on tampon like always next time i went to the bathroom there was nothing there, the same for the 3rd. i was off on the 4, 5, and 6, we had sex the night of the 6th and i thought he made me come on but i was real real wet. the 7 i seen blood so i thought i was coming on but every time i took out my tampon there was nothing on it and the bleeding would stop for hours and come back late at night or early in the morning, it would stop and start back up not enough for a pad or tampon i have only seen a quater size of blood in my underpants once. i only see signs of blood when i wipe. now it seem like it go away then come back when i'm doing to much moving around like bending, to much walking, and standing. it is now the 14th and i want to see a doc but i have no money and i dont want to tell him about my problem until i know for sure. my mom said she had her period when she was prego with me. I have real mild cramps they don't hurt because my normal cramps have me in a ball. i have never been pregos, im very scared, i keep reading where woman say this is normal but i'm confused. also at time i feel like i have a lot of blood down there and wipe it's either a little or none there. can some one please help me i'm scared and my mom is not understanding she want me married before kids. the only prego sign i have is always wanting to sleep no matter the time!!!