Hi, I'm 22 years old and I'm experiencing sharp pains in my penis, its been about 5 days now. The pain hasn't dyed down or anything and today I've experienced it the worst! The past couple of days when it rubs against my boxers it feels irritated slightly and when I pass urine its normally fine until the last bit, that's when I get a sharp pain. Normally for a little while after it's sore. At times I've felt like I've needed to pinch it a little but today that isn't an option because when I touch it the pain is really sharp! I'm really worried and in need of some advice before I go to a GUM clinic. I haven't passed out any fluids or anything and my urine seems to be the normal colour. 
Sorry if I've gone into too much detail. If any further information is required please ask.

Also, I've filled out a chlamydia test yesterday and sent off for it. 

Any accurate help would be much appreciated! Thanks.