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I'm a 17 yr old female, and ever since I was around 13-14 years old I've been experiencing random pains throughout my body. The pain varies, from sharp to throbbing to building up over time. I used to attribute the pains in my chest to the fact that I have breasts that grow fast. Pain in my stomach and lower abdomen to my period and cramps that everyone gets, and since my period rarely agrees to be constant it gets the blame. However, in the past 2-3 years I've noticed that the pain has been spreading. It now attacks me all over my abdomen, collarbone, chest, stomach, side, parts of my back, in addition to my lower abdomen and breasts. I never get any warning, and it lasts from a few seconds (which is now rare), to five minutes, an hour or two, and a couple of times it's lasted almost a full day. I'm also not getting enough sleep or I sleep too much, it switches back a few times each year, but either way I always feel fatigue. I'm an active person. I do pole vault and high jump for track in the spring and am an active color guard member. I have never partaken of any alcohol or drugs of any sort outside of ibuprofen, advil, or antiacid tablets, general over the counter medications that I use sparingly. I'm gettting ready to leave home in a few months and of course whenever I'm at the doctor the pains alude me. If you have any advice I beg for your help. I can't keep living my life like this


I would be really concerned if you have been having chest pains for this long.  Have you ever had a cardio workup at the doctor's office?  Heart issues can manifest themselves with pains in the chest, jaw, and other places and can also attribute to fatigue in a person.  You should definitely go and get checked out without no further ado.  I am hoping that it isn't anything heart-related but you should see if you can rule it in or out.  If it isn't the case, the physician should be able to determine the source of the pains you are experiencing.