I'm looking for answers!!! I've experienced this irritating itch feeling in between my teeth since I was little. Not consistently! However It has come and gone for as long as I can remember. It's normally in one specific spot, sometimes two. It's definitely the gums not the teeth. This sensation is so irritating that I over floss the area. When it gets really bad I gab a tooth pick or pin in the gum for relief. Doing this feels so good but it hurts at the same time. Weird, I know! But It seriously hurts so good! I know that I'm not helping matters when I continually pick at my gums, but I can't help it!!!

When I was 20yrs old I was injured in an Ultimate Frisbee game where I collided with another player, the left side of my face hit the other player's shoulder (both of us running until we collided). I chipped my front tooth, bloody nose, and the left side of my face was swollen and numb for about a week. Ever since that accident I have experienced this deep itch sensation off and on in my upper lip on the left side. It's a very small specific spot and when I lightly touch the area or pinch the lip then I feel a faint itch in the gums between my teeth that have always had this feeling. It's like the two areas are connected... possibly a nerve thing? 

Certain things will always bring on this extremely irritating sensation: A cold or allergies. or spicy food like salsa, acidic food like tomatoes and oranges, and some sweets like bananas and apple sauce. But sugar doesn't seem to bother me! I can each chocolate and it wont trigger this sensation.

When it happens I instantly want to gab something sharp into the gums and now my lip. I really try to resist! A few things that have helped have been brushing, flossing (gently) and using mouthwash. If it persists then chewing gum is a way to help me not pick. If i have a cold or allergies I will take medicine for that.

There are times when it just is so irritating and all consuming. I can't think of anything else, it keeps me awake at night, it keeps me from getting things done. it's horrible! At these times I pick it a little and it seems to relieve it, but only while I'm doing the picking. As soon as I stop it is almost worse. So I know the only way to get it to go away is to not pick it and let it "heal" or subside. I have used Kainka (an oral anesthetic) that helps numb the area. This can help me fall asleep. and Chewing gum, again can help me not pick.

I've seen a dentist and confirmed that my sinuses lie close to my gums and can put pressure on them. But the dentist said he was surprised that I don't have tooth pain, it's all the gums and now this lip thing! The dentist sent me home with a brush flosser and it just hasn't helped!

All these remedies are treating the symptoms not the issue! I need answers! Anyone know what it could be?