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Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a 22 year old female with chronic pelvic pain. Back in December it was found that I had gonnorehea so the gave me medication and sent me home, still after so many weeks I was still having the same discharge and pains so they ordered me to have an pelvic ultrasound which came back normal, but they did say I had another STD Trichomonas, I'm thinkin' how is this possible when I didn't have sex with anyone since the last time I found out I had an STD. So they gave me more medication "ofloxicin" and "metronidazole", still I have the same discharge and pains in pelvic area......but something new, I'm starting to have sharp shooting pains in my cervix.....I can be walking and the pain will just knock me off my feet.

Could I have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ?


ahh i have been getting sharp stabbing pains just like that.
and i wudnt be able to walk. and sumtimes it wud rise to my lower part of the stomach only thing i cud do is laydown.
cud u use the bathroom?
i wasnt able to even use the bathroom. the feeling to force was soo painful.
but i dnt have any STDs