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PLEASE can some 1 reply asap.. We both think we dont have anything to worry out but here goes.. Me and my gf were in cinemas.. Now she was ontop of me on my seat.. Before the movie she was Just kissing and then she was Really rubbing against me hard.. Gential area against each other BUT OBVIOUSLY We were clothed.. I had chinos and boxers on, and she had her tights and underwear on.. Precum was produced in my boxers .. Any chance of pregnancy here? .. She is 4 days late on her period.. Are we okay??! Please reply


Hi Buttler,

You're fine.

Sperm would need to get INTO her vagina, not just near it.  It isn't going to get through 4 layers of clothing and then into her vagina.

Also, precum is considered NOT to contain sperm unless you have recently, as in since the last time you urinated, ejaculated.

She can just be late.

Hope it helps.