I've been on Depo-Vera for 10 months now, and after about 1, the side affects were just far too much to bare. I don't even know why I stayed on it that long.

Since Depo doesnt have estrogen, and I was acting all bi polar on it, the doc thought it would be a good idea to give me a shot of estrogen to help balance me out. I was on pills when I was 15, and had no mood issues. And then she gave me low estrogen Triciclon or something to switch onto b4 my next shot in Aug, to ween on the pill and off depo.

I got it today and was feeling fine, but I took something out of context my boyfriend said in a text and I was like majorly crying. It could also be because I hadn't cried in awhile and had been holding back alot. I'm actually now on my 1st period since I've been on depo. B4 it was just constant spotting, but now I am on it so maybe that could be why.

I'm hoping it just takes a few days for the estrogen to balance out, because I'm leaving on a trip Sat and I want to be sure I'm fun to be around and not all moody with my boyfriend and his family.

The doctor said she had never given the estrogen shot b4 and I'm like a "guinea pig" I just really hope it doesn't make me worse. Because that is something I CANNOT afford. What do you think?